Welcome to my travel log!

My purpose is to provide the stories, photos and updates of my Academy experience that (for some of you) are long overdue. What better time to write than during my final summer as a cadet?

The following is my schedule for summer 2017. (Keep in mind that this is an eclectic mix of assigned duties, earned experiences and self-funded travel):

Phase one: Assigned to Staten Island, New York for ashore operations

Phase two: Selected for an internship with fellow service academy colleagues to study the Holocaust in Washington D.C., New York City and Poland. (Followed by a week of solo travel in-country.)

Phase three: Assigned to an Alaskan Patrol aboard a CG cutter and additional ashore operations in Dutch Harbor and Ketchikan, Alaska.

Leave: Three glorious days back home followed by ten days in Thailand (yes, I am aware of monsoon season).