Buda at its best

While this blog was created with the intention of providing insight into my cadet training, I would be remiss if I did not also include the unique opportunities afforded to me - like extending the abroad program an extra week in order to explore Eastern Europe on my own terms.  When presented with 1/3 of …

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Miscellaneous Mountains 

Our final two days as a group were adventures in themselves. The small town of Oświęcim, where we had spent four nights, lost its last remaining Jewish resident in 2000. Because of this, it is up to local organizations and volunteers to maintain Jewish sites - most specifically, the town's aging Jewish cemetery. You could …

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Lady Liberty

Life isn't always a competition, but this Tuesday took the gold medal by storm.  My first-ever helicopter ride, AKA world-class tour of the greatest (or at least, brightest) city on Earth, was a professional courtesy extended by the "local" Police Department (40,000+ members takes the shine off the hometown feel). We climbed in the plush …

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